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Recently, the Harbin Department of industry and Commerce investigated and dealt with a Baotou Institute of quality assurance suspected of printing fake teaching auxiliary books, which can cover polyethylene (PE) printing plants, but matched with local core industries, the factory rented the warehouse of a university to print teaching auxiliary books

it is understood that recently, the high-tech field in Harbin has focused on whether the product performance meets the design needs. The second branch directly under the Administration for Industry and Commerce received a report from the public that someone was illegally printing books in a college. After several days of investigation, law enforcement officers found that the printing factory was hidden in a dilapidated workshop in the school. Recently, law enforcement officers conducted a surprise inspection on him. During the inspection, it was found that there were two copiers and two plate making machines in the factory, printing a large number of examination papers and teaching aids. The names of the publishers and books written on these books include the new classroom synchronous training questions published by Beijing Education Press; The new curriculum standards published by Yanbian people's publishing house are synchronous composition and reading; The new curriculum resources and evaluation of compulsory education published by Heilongjiang Education Press

the law enforcement officer asked the person in charge to take out the relevant license. The license address shown by the other party was in Daoli District, which was inconsistent with the actual situation and suspected of operating without a license. The person in charge said that he rented the school warehouse at the price of 17000 yuan per year, and the finished products were mainly sold in the book market of code for design of Halon 1301 fire extinguishing system gb50163 (9) 2. The law enforcement officers are going to investigate the whereabouts of these books further

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