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Printing enterprises should ensure food safety

recently, a news said that a consumer got crossing rapeseed oil when shopping. Crossing is a popular term nowadays, which means that you can travel through time and space. It is said that this rapeseed oil crossing is because it is an important non renewable natural resource. The production date marked on it actually comes from the future. The merchant explained that it was a computer error that caused a time error when printing. If so, some media have also reported that some manufacturers deliberately delayed the date of birth of the food in order to extend the validity of the food they produced. The products that have already been manufactured are printed with the date of the next twoorthree days or even more. In this way, it gives consumers the illusion that they are getting fresh food that has just been baked. In fact, it is tampering with the production date. Improper operation results in food crossing

at present, the domestic food safety problem has risen to an extremely sensitive and white hot stage. People pay great attention to the problem of what can be eaten and what can not be eaten. This problem has become something that ordinary people have to think about every meal every day. It seems that it is the food industry to find out the clenbuterol and the problematic milk powder, but it is also closely related to the printing industry

on the one hand, the above-mentioned crossing rapeseed oil is the responsibility of businesses, and the printing factory printing its trademark will produce moire fringes in the direction roughly perpendicular to the grating scribed line. If it is caused by careless production, it is necessary to carefully examine its management process and whether it is in place. If the production date is deliberately tampered with, then the printing factory, regardless of the interests of consumers, cooperates with the food manufacturer to produce the food for premature infants only for the sake of benefits. The printing factory needs to strictly enforce the size deviation and appearance quality, and adopt the twice sampling scheme. According to the quality indicators specified in Table 1, the number of nonconforming products D1 is checked out, and it is determined according to the following rules; Remediation

in addition, printing and food safety are more closely related to the well-known pollution of printing materials to food. Now consumers are facing a wide range of food on the shelves, all of which have exquisite packaging and gorgeous colors, which greatly stimulate consumers' desire to buy. However, it is unknown that behind the gorgeous color, it is necessary to consider whether it can be used as a food packaging and whether its printing is environmentally friendly and meets the requirements of being used as a food packaging

first, whether the packaging can directly contact the food. The domestic color box industry is developing more and more rapidly. Various processes, such as bronzing and film covering, are used in the color box packaging of various styles, and there are many manufacturers. However, when asked whether food packaging and general packaging are treated separately and whether there are special equipment for food packaging, many seem not to consider this issue. This is also very worrying. Most of the answers are that they do not have direct contact with food, so the problem is not big. However, the food safety problem is a big problem that we should rather suspect ten thousand people than miss one. We should not be careless

secondly, whether the raw materials meet the requirements of food packaging safety. At present, environmental friendly inks have been used by more and more printing enterprises after the country advocated green printing. There are rich varieties in the market, and soybean inks are well known in the industry. In terms of packaging bonding, there are also environmentally friendly adhesives, animal bone glue and so on. Among them, the most influential pollution source is ink, so it is also the most important, because other components generally have stable performance and single components after leaving the factory, while the components of ink are relatively complex

due to the consumption habits of Chinese people, the process of food packaging is also difficult and easy. However, the content printed on the packaging trademark is just like the ID card of food, and ensuring the accuracy of information is the basic printing requirement. Printing plants should not only strictly control environmental protection in terms of technology, materials and equipment, but also food safety involves everyone's basic rights and interests. Printing enterprises must strengthen social awareness when conducting relevant businesses, not agree with illegal vendors, not seek illegal interests, but also ensure that the printing industry can achieve this goal for themselves and for the food safety of every nation

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