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Three fingers of the beer maker in the printing factory are discarded! The 20 most noteworthy details of the printing workshop

since the safety accident of Shiyan beer maker in Shenzhen, another small video has been forwarded in major beer machine groups recently! The location of the incident is under investigation...

the video content could not be uploaded without looking directly at it. You called it "terrible!"

it is said that details determine success or failure! The management of the printing workshop is so complicated that it is easy to overlook some minor issues. But it is often this small problem that leads to major accidents

today, I share some details that need attention in the process of workshop management. I hope I can provide you with some ideas and suggestions for factory detail management

detail 1: the voltage of the socket shall be marked above all power sockets

purpose: to prevent low voltage equipment from being connected to high voltage by mistake

detail 2: the front and back of all doors shall be marked with "push" or "pull" and have strong water permeability

purpose: it can greatly reduce the chance of damage to the door when the reinforcing strip at the end of the sample is not firmly pasted, and it is also very convenient for normal access

detail 3: the product instruction sheet for emergency production shall be distinguished by another color

purpose: to remind that priority should be given to the production line, inspection, packaging and shipment

detail 4: all vessels with high pressure inside shall be firmly fixed, such as fire extinguishers, oxygen cylinders, etc

Objective: to reduce the occurrence of accidents

detail 5: when a new person is working on the production line, mark "new person's work" on the new person's arm

purpose: on the one hand, remind the newcomer that he is still a novice; on the other hand, let the online QC staff take special care of him

detail 6: for doors that are accessible but need to be closed all the time in the factory, a lever that can be "automatically" closed can be installed on the door

purpose: on the one hand, it can ensure that the door is always closed, on the other hand, the chance of damage to the door is reduced (no one will open or close the door with force)

detail 7: specify the maximum and minimum inventory of finished products, semi-finished products and raw materials, and identify the current inventory

purpose: we can clearly know the real inventory situation. It can prevent the inventory from being too high, and it can also prevent the products that are sometimes needed from being out of stock

detail 8: the switch button of the production line should not face the aisle as far as possible. If it is really necessary to face the aisle, it is also (1) it is better to add an outer cover for protection after solid solution and two-stage aging treatment at different temperatures

purpose: this can prevent unnecessary accidents caused by wrong collision of buttons by means of transportation on the aisle

detail 9: no outsiders are allowed to enter the control center of the factory except staff

purpose: to prevent major accidents caused by "curiosity" of irrelevant personnel

detail 10: for ammeter, voltmeter, pressure gauge and other pointer meters, use eye-catching marker to mark the range that the pointer should be in during normal operation

purpose: it is easy to know whether the equipment is normal under normal working conditions

detail 11: don't be too credulous about the temperature displayed on the equipment. It is necessary to regularly use the infrared thermometer for repeated confirmation

test HRB and HRC hardness Objective: to avoid large-scale poor quality caused by equipment temperature error

detail 12: the first piece does not only refer to the first piece produced on the same day. In a strict sense, the following are all "first pieces": the first piece after daily startup, the first piece after replacement production, the first piece after machine failure repair, the first piece after mold repair or adjustment, the first piece after quality problem point countermeasures, the first piece after operator replacement, the first piece after operation condition reset, the first piece after power failure, the first piece before work termination, etc

Objective: to prevent the leakage of defective products in all links

detail 13: the tools for locking screws are magnetic, which is convenient for screw removal

purpose: in case the screw falls on the workbench, it is also very easy to use the magnetic suction of the tool

detail 14: if the received work liaison sheet, coordination document, etc. cannot be completed on time or cannot be completed, it shall be submitted to the issuing department in writing and explain the reasons

purpose: the sending department can understand the actual situation at the first time and adjust the Countermeasures in time

detail 15: if the production line layout allows, try to allocate similar products to different production lines and workshops for production

purpose: in this way, the possibility of mixing similar products is reduced

detail 16: color pictures of products such as packaging, sales, salesperson, etc

Objective: to reduce the probability that they recognize the wrong product

detail 17: all tools in the laboratory are hung on the wall and their shapes are drawn on the wall

purpose: in this way, once the tool is lent, it is very easy to know

detail 18: in the statistical analysis report, shadow should be used as the background color every other line

purpose: the report looks much clearer

detail 19: for some important test equipment, the daily "first piece" is tested with specially selected "defective pieces"

purpose: it can clearly know whether the reliability of the equipment meets the requirements

detail 20: for some products with important appearance, it is not necessary to use iron testing tools. Some self-made plastic or wooden testing tools can be used

purpose: in this way, the probability of the product being scratched is reduced

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