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As a printing surface finishing method, printing glazing process and other

glazing have been favored by printing users in recent years. The reason is that a layer of colorless transparent paint is coated on the surface of the printed matter. Is there any danger that the thin and uniform transparent layer formed on the surface of the printed matter after leveling, drying or calendering will produce bright light? This can be said to be a bright layer during microcomputer operation, which can effectively improve the surface performance of the printed matter. It can not only enhance the gloss of the printed matter surface, make the printed matter or packaged products more eye-catching on the shelf, but also increase the added value of the product, It can protect the printed matter from moisture and corrosion. The special gloss effect caused by the gold, silver and pearlescent glazing process, the three-dimensional surface effect brought by the foaming coating, and the olfactory feeling with visual impact brought by the fragrance coating make the application scope of the glazing process more extensive

type of polishing process

polishing process can be divided into offline polishing and online polishing according to its processing mode. Off line polishing means that printing and polishing are carried out on special machinery respectively. Special polishing machine or calender is required for polishing. For some folding carton manufacturers, offline glazing is a very good choice, not only because it can obtain higher gloss than online glazing, but also because it has high flexibility and small equipment investment. However, the offline glazing system increases the transportation and transfer between printing and glazing processes, so the production efficiency of most offline glazing is lower than that of online glazing

online glazing means that after the glazing unit is connected to the printing unit, the printing and glazing are completed at one time. The current offset press, gravure press and some silk printing machines can realize this process. There is no need to add special glazing equipment, which not only improves the work efficiency, but also overcomes various quality failures caused by offset printing powder spraying. Therefore, online glazing has become a very attractive glazing scheme. However, online glazing has high requirements for glazing technology, glazing oil, drying device and glazing device

moreover, the price of the polishing part equipped on the printing machine is several times higher than that of the single machine polishing equipment

advantages and disadvantages of offline glazing

compared with online glazing, the advantages of offline glazing mainly include the following points:

(1) better glazing effect and more beautiful prints

(2) the polished products have more wear resistance and corrosion resistance

(3) UV oil has wide selection range, great flexibility and low production cost

(4) the cost of equipment is low, so the user's capital investment is much less

(5) the polishing technology is easy to master and the paper consumption is less

however, offline glazing covers a large area and its work efficiency is lower than that of online glazing

as for the choice of online glazing or offline glazing, it is suggested that it should be determined according to the actual situation of the user, because online glazing and tax machine glazing have their own strengths and weaknesses. The economic status of the enterprise must be taken into account, and the existing configuration of the enterprise and the products to be processed cannot be ignored

application scope of three glazing techniques

at present, the printing materials that actually apply glazing techniques include: gold and silver cardboard, packaging boxes, self-adhesive labels The surface printing of the gift adjusts the condenser to the center of the field of vision (under the background of significant changes in the market demand structure and macroeconomic environment, most of the research microscopes you can use must do this action, such as covering light, outdoor billboards, circuit boards, color newspapers, etc., especially various outer packaging boxes, such as food, medicine, small five gold, cigarettes, cosmetics, etc. in addition, glazing technology is often used, including the covers of books, magazines, and publicity samples of enterprises. It not only has a comprehensive understanding of printed materials Glazing and partial glazing of printed matter

with China's accession to the WTO, more and more attention has been paid to environmental protection. In the past, many paper laminating products were gradually replaced by glazing technology, especially for export packaging. All of them use glazing to improve the gloss, wear resistance, moisture resistance and corrosion resistance of outer packaging

four off-line polishing equipment

through the polishing process, the grade of printed matter can be significantly improved, and it also brings high added value to printed matter. Therefore, the post press processing technology of printed matter is thriving in China, and the corresponding polishing equipment is also developing rapidly with a wide variety. In terms of variety, use effect and market share, at present, the products of Sino German group Huawei Company are quite popular. The company is a manufacturer specializing in the research, development and manufacture of polishing equipment. It has developed two series of polishing equipment of more than ten varieties, including manual, fully automatic, partial, comprehensive and special polishing equipment for tissue paper (80g/cm2), There are a wide range of products. Rhw-1000/1200 UV full-automatic full-scale polishing machine is a widely used polishing equipment in major printing plants in China. It is a high-tech product integrating machinery, electricity and gas. It is used for both thick and thin paper to realize the automation of the whole process. It is fast and efficient. It adopts variable frequency stepless speed regulation. The maximum speed can reach 80m/min. Each workstation has an independent space. Customers can carry out on-line combination equipment according to their own needs

Huawei's polishing equipment is generally stable and durable. In particular, the quality of the polishing products is very high, which is highly praised by customers. Not only does it have a high market share in China, one third of its products are exported overseas, but also it ranks fifth in the printing machine industry

five development prospects of glazing technology

since its invention in the 1960s, glazing technology has been widely used by the end of the 20th century. In China, UV glazing of paper products is growing at a rate of more than 20%, and its development prospect is very spectacular

at present, both prepress and printing have been digitalized, which has entered the digital era. However, post press processing and paper finishing are still very backward. A considerable part of them still stay on the basis of manual paper feeding or single function, which not only has low efficiency, but also the product grade is not high. Therefore, the whole post press processing should break through the constraints of concepts and technologies, develop post press polishing technology rapidly according to the requirements of digital printing and the market, and move towards intelligent Automatic and diversified development

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