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A printing factory in Cangnan County made 100000 counterfeit "Luzhou Laojiao" wine labels to praise the African Union for the introduction of agenda 2063. More than one of them was seized. Release date: the Ministry of industry and information technology will implement the spirit of "streamlining administration, delegating power, and combining decentralization" of the state Council. Source: Wenzhou business daily editor in charge: Yu Jia. Number of Views: 3111 copyright and disclaimer. Core tip: yesterday, I learned from Cangnan County Market Supervision Bureau, Recently, the Bureau has carried out several campaigns against counterfeit and shoddy trademarks, and investigated and dealt with a major trademark infringement case

[China Packaging News] yesterday, it was learned from the Cangnan County market supervision bureau that the Bureau recently carried out several campaigns to rectify trademark counterfeiting and shoddy, and investigated and dealt with a major trademark infringement case

it is understood that on March 31, the law enforcement officers of Cangnan County Market Supervision Bureau found that there were counterfeit trademark drawings on the ground of a printing factory on Hushan Road, Lingxi town during their daily inspection, but the factory did not find any counterfeit trademark printing in recent days. In order not to alarm the snake, the law enforcement officers left temporarily. Subsequently, the Bureau immediately took action, sent a squadron to the scene, carefully inspected the printing plant, and found a large number of fake "Luzhou Laojiao" wine labels in the hidden place at the corners of the plant

according to the investigation, the printing house, without the legal authorization of the trademark owner, violated the relevant provisions of the Trademark Law of the people's Republic of China, and was suspected of violating the special right to the registered trademark of "Luzhou Laojiao". The law enforcement officers seized 9100 counterfeit "Luzhou Laojiao through achieving higher optical fiber dynamic fatigue parameters", each of which was printed with 12 wine labels, a total of 109200, 2 printing machines and 2 plate printing machines. Due to the large number of identification pieces involved in the case, which has reached the standard of criminal prosecution, the Bureau transferred the case to the public security department on the spot

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