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Facing the severe market situation, printing enterprises should bravely say "no"

. 2012 is a severe test for the world economy, as well as for China. In particular, many Chinese enterprises and the private enterprises running away in Wenzhou have sounded an alarm to the Chinese economy

the same is true for the printing industry. In the face of the severe market situation in 2012, we must be prepared. In order to resolve the crisis, it is necessary to carry out reform, which requires us to constantly adjust and bravely say no

1. Do not rely too much on exports

for export enterprises, 2012 faces the biggest challenge. We should reform the future product structure, further tilt towards domestic demand, and make stimulating domestic demand the core value of the future economy

2. It is impossible to plan the future in rough lines. The enterprise strategy determines the direction of the enterprise. Under the same competitive environment, some printing enterprises have succeeded and others have failed. That is because different enterprises can expect to establish different positioning, but many enterprises have not been able to clearly understand their own strategic line of anti rust oil in order to play their due role. But only the emergence of problems

3. Among the 10 industrial clusters of the printing press industry, most of them are the result of low technical level, small scale and scattered regional distribution. They drift with the tide in the process of concentration and are difficult to continue in the end. Therefore, these enterprises must take the road of integration and upgrading

4. We should not just focus on the innovation of mechanical technology

many of the printing machine industry started with traditional mechanical manufacturing. With the development and innovation of technology, we continue to promote the improvement of China's printing manufacturing level. Some enterprises have no contact with these emerging industries. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the development path in the future. Only by closely combining with the IT industry and the digital manufacturing industry can we achieve results

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