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The development momentum of printing equipment in China is strong (Part 2)

printing blanket according to relevant data, in recent years, the annual production of printing blanket in China has been about 1million square meters, and the maximum annual output has increased by 30%. The annual sales volume increased by more than 30% year-on-year. The sales volume accounted for more than 98% of the total production of printed blanket that year. The production and sales were basically balanced and there was no overstock. In recent years, the annual sales revenue of rubber blanket has exceeded 200million yuan, with a year-on-year increase of about 25%. The average selling price is 222.20 yuan/square meter. Among them, about 20% of the products are sold for export, earning about US $10million in foreign exchange through export, and the average export unit price is about US $40/m2. In the total production of printed rubber blanket in China, air cushion rubber blanket accounts for about 40%

printing blanket is a general term for offset printing blanket, banknote printing blanket, iron printing blanket

and various printing tapes. China's printing blanket manufacturing industry, like other printing equipment manufacturing industries, has also made considerable progress. In the 1990s, Shanghai Meiji rubber products Co., Ltd., a joint venture between China's Shanghai printing equipment factory and Japan, has become a leading enterprise in China's printing blanket manufacturing industry. Since it was put into operation for more than 10 years, its annual production capacity of equipment has reached about 250000 square meters. Its products are equipped with various types of aluminum plywood or galvanized iron plywood to meet the needs of different users. The company adopts advanced equipment, advanced technology and imported raw materials to produce multiple series. High grade air cushion blanket of various varieties and models. The annual sales volume of rubber blanket is more than 200000 square meters, and more than 2/3 of the products are exported, with an average annual foreign exchange earning of more than 5.5 million US dollars. Its domestic products are mostly used as accessories for imported printing machines such as Heidelberg and Manroland. In recent years, the 200000 square meters of printed blanket exported by China each year are air cushion blanket, and the products of Shanghai Meiji account for more than 67%. In addition, rubber products companies (or printing equipment manufacturing companies) such as Shanghai sanding, Xinxing and Youlong also export a considerable amount of air cushion blanket every year. This shows that the air cushion blanket produced in China has been recognized to a certain extent in the international market

air cushion blanket has become the mainstream of modern printing blanket. According to relevant statistics, the demand ratio of air cushion blanket to ordinary blanket in the Japanese market has been 9:1. Moreover, most of its air cushion blanket has adopted aluminum or iron cards instead of screw splints, which can reduce the installation time of blanket, improve the production efficiency of printing operations, and meet the needs of modern printing machines such as narrow seam and seamless

in recent years, new air cushion blanket has been introduced in the world. For example, the perfect dot blanket produced by Heidelberg (USA) company is specially used for its sheet fed printing machine. It has good ink transfer performance, good dot reproduction, stable printing effect on the spot, and its own high cracking resistance; Sx-10 rubber blanket produced by DYC supply not only has strong corrosion resistance on the surface, but also has good ink transfer effect after high-precision grinding. The liner material with high tensile strength can prevent tensile deformation, the compression layer can reduce the stress caused by high-speed printing, and the waterproof base can greatly reduce the occurrence of penetration and delamination; Sapphire brand rubber blanket produced by Phoenix (North America). The zenith brand rubber blanket recently launched by Prisco, the crystal brand rubber blanket of Prisco, and the conti air prestige air cushion rubber blanket developed by conti tech of Germany all have their own characteristics. In particular, the stainless steel liner steel back rubber blanket launched by day international of the United States is the only printing rubber blanket in the printing equipment manufacturing industry in the international printing industry that uses stainless steel liner materials, At present, it is only used on Heidelberg printing press. Its unique feature is that the stainless steel backing layer can eliminate back water seepage and ensure the optimization of registration accuracy. With the continuous development of printing technology, it is a new type in the world. High quality blanket is emerging in endlessly. These excellent brand products and their technological routes are worthy of our study and reference in the research and development of new products

the above situation shows that China's printing blanket production has achieved rapid growth continuously, and the situation is gratifying. At present, most of the printing blanket production enterprises in China are small and medium-sized, the production concentration is low, and the production equipment and technology lag behind the development of the printing industry. The overall technical level, product grade, type, quality level, quality stability, etc. are far behind the international level and imported products. Domestic high-quality and high-grade rubber blanket can not fully meet the market demand of China's rapidly developing publishing and printing industry. In the future, the production of printed rubber blanket in China should focus on the adjustment of product structure and industrial structure, increase varieties, improve grades, and improve quality, especially the stability of quality

the statistics of printing cots show that the annual production of printing cots in China in 2002 was 2.037 billion cubic centimeters, equivalent to 75% of the annual production capacity of the equipment, and the sales volume was about 97% of the output. The total sales volume was 178million yuan, and the average sales unit price was 0.091 yuan/cubic centimeter. The export volume is 10.85%, and the average export unit price is 0.012 US dollars/cubic centimeter

according to relevant information, there are more than 400 enterprises producing printing cots in China's printing equipment manufacturing industry. Among them, most of them are small workshops, few of them have a certain scale, and only about 1% of the enterprises with an output value of 5million yuan or more account for. There are even fewer enterprises with the capability of self-development. Most of the printing cot production enterprises in China have poor equipment level, backward technology and small production scale, resulting in the dominant position of medium and low-grade cot products. The domestic market of high-grade printing cots is basically monopolized by imported products. There is a big gap between the domestic printing cots and the products of developed countries in terms of printing suitability and service life. It is mainly manifested in processing accuracy, corrosion resistance, water and ink transfer performance, rubber hardness and hardness durability. In the face of the current situation of the domestic printing cot market and the needs of the printing industry, some competent domestic manufacturers have begun to increase the variety, improve the grade and optimize the quality of the printing cots, and have achieved certain results. For example, Hebei Jizhou chunfengyinxing rubber roller Co., Ltd. is one of the few enterprises in China's current printing rubber roller manufacturing industry with the ability of self-development. It is the first enterprise in China that has passed the IS09000 series quality system certification. Through the form of "external introduction, internal education and intelligence borrowing", it has continuously improved the technical content of its products. In recent years, the product types and grades of its printing rubber rollers have been constantly updated, The product quality level is constantly improving. The output of COTS ranks first in China for years, reaching more than 1billion cubic centimeters. More than 20% of the products are exported and sold in the international market, and most of them are used in the accessories of printing machines such as Heidelberg, Manroland, Fujitsu, Xinnong and bit Feiling. Shanghai Baochi Chunlei rubber roller Co., Ltd. is a printing material company jointly invested and established by Baochi group, Shanghai Yinxin technology group, American base line company and Japan Zhuzhou society. The company produces various series of high-grade printing rubber rollers with advanced equipment, technology and the rubber of American Joe Mack company. Recently, Japan introduced the world's most advanced trust β production line. Specialized in manufacturing UV ink rollers. It is reported that Shanghai Baochi Chunlei cots Co., Ltd. is expected to develop into one of the largest production bases of high-end printing cots in China

the above shows that domestic high-grade printing cots have begun to occupy a place in the market. However, no matter how much you scoff at the printing glue, the overall level of roller production in China still lags far behind that in foreign countries. In the future, the manufacturing of domestic printing cots should focus on improving product quality and product grade. In particular, it is necessary to intensify research and development and change the product structure to adapt to the continuous development of today's printing press towards high-speed and multi-color, the continuous enhancement of people's awareness of environmental protection and the growing demand for high-grade printing cots

anodized aluminum

anodized aluminum, commonly known as hot stamping foil, is generally manufactured by vacuum aluminizing technology. The basic structure is composed of a polyester film substrate and a transfer layer. The transfer layer is divided into a protective layer. Adhesive layer and molding layer. Its performance and use vary from structure to structure. According to relevant statistics, in recent years, China's total annual production of electrochemical aluminum is generally about 10000 tons. The sales are determined by production, and there is basically no inventory. The sales revenue is 400million ~ 500million yuan

since more than 20 years of reform and opening up, China's electrochemical aluminum manufacturing industry has made gratifying progress. Hot stamping can enable the printing of polyurethane insulation materials to obtain metal like patterns with bright color, wear resistance, weather resistance, acid and alkali resistance, etc. Electrochemical aluminum hot stamping foil can be mechanically operated continuously, so that hot stamping technology can be popularized and applied in many fields. At present, domestic electrochemical aluminum has initially formed a series of colored series, gold and silver series, textile series, leather series, anti-counterfeiting and laser series, as well as a variety of colors such as red, green, blue, orange, gold, silver and black, which are multi-directional products suitable for applications in different fields. On the premise of giving priority to the supply of domestic market consumption, domestic electrochemical aluminum exports some products every year. The export volume is generally about 1000 tons, and the average export unit price is 6000 US dollars/ton

at present, the development of new spatial aluminum products in the domestic power expansion industry is dominated by medium and low-grade products, and the supply exceeds the demand. Some manufacturers timely introduced foreign advanced equipment and technology, and used imported raw materials to produce high-end products for the supply market, which was highly praised. Although China's electrochemical aluminum has achieved a high-speed growth of more than 7% every year in recent years, it still cannot meet the demand for high-end products in terms of quality and variety in publishing and printing, packaging and decoration printing and other printing. There is a large gap, and high-end products are almost monopolized by imported products. In recent years, China needs to purchase more than 3000 tons of high-grade electrochemical aluminum from the international market every year, which is equivalent to 30% of China's total annual production of electrochemical aluminum, accounting for about 25% of China's total annual consumption of electrochemical aluminum. The average import unit price is about 10500 US dollars/ton, which is 1.7 times of the average export unit price of China's electrochemical aluminum

although China's electrochemical aluminum manufacturing industry has achieved rapid development, compared with the international advanced level, the overall level needs to be further improved. This can be seen at a glance from the fact that the import volume of China's electrochemical aluminum is 3 times of the export volume and the average import unit price is 1.75 times of the average export unit price. In the future, the production of electrochemical aluminum in China should focus on increasing varieties, improving product quality and product grade, and avoiding low-level repeated construction. Some products, such as fabric surface water-resistant hot stamping, cosmetic bottle surface hot stamping, drawing foil series, chromium foil series and holographic anti-counterfeiting series, which have been widely used in the world but are still blank in China, also need to be developed and put into mass production as soon as possible, so as to meet the growing domestic market demand and enhance their competitiveness in the international market


to sum up, in the past year, China's printing equipment manufacturing industry has achieved rapid growth. Among them, five major printing equipment, including paper and paperboard, ink, printing blanket, printing rubber roller and electrochemical aluminum, have achieved gratifying results in production and sales. However, we should see that at present, China's printing people

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