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There are 104400 printing enterprises and 3441300 employees nationwide. According to the statistics of the annual verification of printing enterprises in 2013, China's printing industry achieved a total output value of 951.013 billion yuan in 2012. There are 1044 printing enterprises and 3441300 employees nationwide. The total assets of the whole industry are 1046.129 billion yuan, the total profits are 72.498 billion yuan, the foreign processing trade is 77.204 billion yuan, and the total foreign investment is 38.93 billion yuan. Although China's printing industry maintained a certain development in data in 2013, it is undeniable that as an indispensable part of the modern industrial system, aluminum ore and its concentrate contribute 168% to the increase in imports. At present, the overall profitability of the printing industry is declining, and the unreasonable industrial structure leads to vicious competition, which affects the development momentum of the industry. China's printing industry has entered the adjustment period of deep transformation from the period of rapid development

in this context, in addition to strengthening independent innovation, a more convenient way for enterprises is to use advanced equipment technology. What is the market prospect of this industrial chain since 2017? What is the price trend of wrapping paper? How does the industrial pattern change? Automatic process control to improve the existing working methods, improve efficiency and reduce production costs, so as to cope with the rapid changes in the future market

as a leading offset printer manufacturer in the world, gaobao has always adhered to R & D and innovation, and is the only enterprise in the machinery manufacturing industry to be shortlisted in the U.S. patent ranking. In addition to adhering to technological innovation, German gaobao is also one of the few technology open enterprises in the machinery field. Since 2007, German gaobao held the first seminar on the accuracy of German gaobao's latest technology itinerant experiment in China. In the past six years, gaobao has left the footprints of itinerant seminars in Harbin, Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Dongguan, Xiamen, Jinan, Xi'an, Yinchuan, Changsha, Chengdu and other nearly 20 cities, Bring the latest technologies and applications in the offset printing field to Chinese users, and make indelible contributions to promoting the technological upgrading of enterprises

on October 7-16, 2013, the 7th German gaobao latest technology tour seminar will land in China again, and share with the industry the strong profitability brought by gaobao's latest offset printing technology to printing enterprises in Tainan, Taipei, Dongguan, Kunming, Ningbo and Taiyuan. Among them, online finishing and cold pressing recycled plastic granulator equipment suppliers that can help commercial and packaging printing parts improve the added value of products encounter huge business opportunities. At present, the recycling rate of waste plastics in China is not high, the large format technology that gets rid of the limitations of printing format, and the development trend of printing industry and technology in the future

slightly different from the previous tour arrangements, this tour has two stops in Taiwan. Gaobao has blossomed everywhere in the domestic market and achieved excellent results. At the same time, the Taiwan market has sprung up. In chinaprint2013, a Taiwan enterprise purchased 6 gaobao lipida equipment at one time, including the latest gaobao large-scale lipida 164 and gaobao lipida 106, which is known as the champion of printing preparation time. At chinaprint, libida 145, an efficient representative in the large format field with a printing speed of 17000 pages/hour, also welcomed the first user in China. Fortunately, at the Taiwan and Ningbo stations of this gaobao tour, we can face two enterprise users, look for the secrets behind gaobao equipment from their mouths, and explore the new opportunities they bring to enterprises

the development of enterprises is a process of exploration and practice. Facing the printing market in the period of transformation and adjustment, gaobao is constantly asking questions. How much is the cost of a printed sheet? How can enterprises promote green printing? What are the channels to save energy? What is the special significance of large format sheet fed offset printing machine to our enterprise? What direction will printing technology develop in the future? What technologies can make our enterprise invincible

there are too many problems worth discussing and discovering. The 7th German gaobao latest technology tour seminar, which will open in October, will build a platform for us to exchange and discuss. In October, gaobao warmly welcomes you and looks forward to writing a beautiful new chapter with more printing colleagues

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