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The bathroom is getting more and more attention in the decoration, and doors and windows are also very important elements in the decoration. How to choose bathroom products and how to choose suitable doors and windows are very important for the overall decoration

bathroom is getting more and more attention in decoration, and doors and windows are also very important elements in decoration. How to choose bathroom products and how to choose suitable doors and windows are very important for the overall decoration

Denler bathroom cabinet dufini bathroom

1 For ordinary families, the best choice for bathroom cabinets is wall mounted, with high cabinet legs or wheels, which can effectively isolate the moisture on the ground

2. Know whether all metal parts are stainless steel or aluminum products specially used for bath cabinets after moisture-proof treatment, so that the moisture resistance can be guaranteed

3. It is necessary to check the opening of the hinge of the bathroom cabinet. When the opening angle reaches 180 degrees, it is more convenient to take and place items

4. When selecting the style of bath cabinet, it is necessary to ensure the maintenance of inlet and outlet pipes and the opening of valves, so as not to leave trouble for future maintenance and overhaul

tips for choosing bathroom accessories

matching: it should be matched with the three piece bathroom set, and should also be consistent with the shape of the faucet and its surface coating treatment. Nowadays, except for a few plastic plating, most of the coating on the frame surface of bathroom accessories are polished copper, and more are chrome plating

material: bathroom accessories include copper plastic plating products, copper polished copper products, and more chromium plating products, of which titanium alloy products are the highest grade, followed by copper chromium products, stainless steel chromium products, aluminum alloy chromium products, and iron chromium products

coating: in chromium plated products, the coating of ordinary products is 20 microns thick. After a long time, the material inside is vulnerable to air oxidation, while the copper chromium plated coating with exquisite workmanship is 28 microns thick. Its structure is compact, the coating is uniform, and the use effect is good

practical: most imported products are titanium alloy or copper chromium plating, “ Color surface ” Crisp, exquisite and durable, but the price is more expensive. Nowadays, the price of copper chromium plating of some joint-venture brands or domestic brands is relatively affordable, while the price of stainless steel chromium plating products is lower

tips for choosing toilet

determine the installation size of toilet: before purchasing toilet, be sure to measure the distance between the center of the water outlet and the blank wall, which is also known as the pit distance. At present, the general buildings mainly have pit spacing of 305mm and 400mm

one piece and split toilet: one piece toilet: there is no connecting part outside, so it is easy to clean and install, but the price is expensive. Split toilet: it is composed of water tank and base. Dirt may be caused at the connection, which is not suitable for cleaning, but the price is cheaper

carefully select products: when selecting ceramic sanitary ware, you should grasp that there are different requirements for visible and non visible surfaces: visible surfaces refer to the surfaces that are easy to see after the installation of ceramic parts. The quality of visible surfaces should be strictly controlled, especially in the parts that can be splashed by water during use. The quality of invisible surfaces after installation should not be too picky

tips for choosing doors and windows

if you decide to buy your own door, you need to clearly understand the purpose of various doors. According to insiders, there are many kinds of doors. According to the classification of doors according to the exhibition, there are: craft decorative doors, solid wood doors, composite doors, molded doors, partition doors, cabinet doors, folding doors, sliding sliding doors, sliding doors, shutter doors, copper carving craft doors, inlaid glass wood doors, plastic steel doors and windows, color plate doors and windows, plastic doors and so on

wooden doors are often used for room doors, and aluminum doors are often used for kitchens and bathrooms. Doors and rooms usually adopt pure solid wood doors or solid wood composite doors. Korean pine, Chinese fir, oak, etc. are all low-grade wood for wooden doors, and high-grade solid wood includes walnut, cherry, Shabili, etc. Pure solid wood doors are easy to deform if they are not well made. Solid wood composite door refers to a composite door made of solid wood as the main material, medium density board as the balance layer, domestic or imported natural wood veneer as the finish, and sprayed with high-grade environmental protection wood paint after high-temperature hot pressing. The doors used in kitchen and bathroom, balcony, wardrobe, study and other spaces are mostly aluminum alloy doors

the door selection should be coordinated with the home decoration style and be the most beautiful. Generally, the size of residential doors is basically unified, but it is best for citizens to bring design drawings when buying, so that they can choose the color and style of the overall style according to the design style. Otherwise, buying a few doors that look beautiful but do not coordinate with the overall style may damage the overall decoration effect

buying aluminum alloy doors is relatively simple and intuitive. First, it depends on whether the color is consistent with your home decoration color. Second, it depends on the thickness of the door, which is generally 1.0mm. Third, it depends on whether the style is suitable for your home decoration style. Fourth, it is necessary to understand the pricing method, otherwise it is easy to have disputes

choose water-saving bathroom

today, with the gradual rise of water charges, water-saving performance is becoming increasingly important. The size of the water tank does not indicate whether it has water-saving performance, but whether the design of the flushing and drainage system and water tank accessories in the toilet structure is reasonable, whether the quality is qualified, whether it is genuine or fake. Generally, the toilet should be marked with the amount of flushing water. When purchasing, you can ask for the test report of the relevant national departments. Water saving is a systematic project, which involves the fluid resistance of sewer pipes, the water pressure of tap water and the quality of other accessories

link: pay attention to the project to be done well in maintaining the bathroom space

break the old model, and the design reference of new waist line paving in the bathroom





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