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The mid-term acceptance of decoration mainly includes concealed works and carpentry works. During the mid-term acceptance, we can start from the following aspects: first, check whether the lighting circuit conforms to the regulations, sockets, lamp switches, master switches, leakage switches, etc. should have a certain height, kitchens and air conditioners should be placed with special lines, and TV antennas and telephone special lines should be installed in places convenient for maintenance; Secondly, check whether the drainage is smooth, whether there is leakage, backflow and ponding, whether there are scratches on high-end sanitary supplies, whether the newly built wall is vertical, whether the brick horizontal plane is consistent, and whether the joints are neat; Finally, check whether the paint is smooth and free of cracks, color differences and nail holes

the following home decoration will explain the relevant acceptance standards for the mid-term acceptance of decoration construction, mainly including the following 8 aspects:

1. In the mid-term acceptance, we should first pay attention to the acceptance standards for the installation of water supply and drainage pipes: the quality of pipes and fittings should meet the current standards; The valve shall be installed correctly and the switch shall be flexible; After water pressure test, all pipes, valves and joints shall be free of water seepage and leakage. The drainage shall be smooth without leakage, backflow and ponding, and the high-grade water parts shall be free of clamp marks and scratches

2. Acceptance criteria for electrical engineering construction: the leakage switch is installed correctly and used normally; The installation and fixation of electrical devices and equipment should be firm and flat; The power on test of electrical appliances, the trial lighting of lamps and the control performance of lamps are good; The appearance of switches, sockets, terminal boxes and other devices is intact, the insulating devices are free of cracks, and the installation is firm and flat, and the installation method meets the requirements; The deviation of switch and socket terminal boxes installed in parallel, the panel of concealed switch, socket and terminal box, and the gap around the box meet the requirements; The weak current system has complete functions, meets the use requirements, and the appliances are installed firmly and flatly

3. Construction acceptance standard of ceiling Engineering: the variety, specification, color, base structure and fixing method of materials used in ceiling engineering should meet the requirements of relevant design specifications; The cover panel shall be closely connected with the keel, and the surface shall be flat without defects such as pollution, fracture, lack of edges and corners, hammer injury, etc. the joints shall be uniform, the pasted cover panel shall not have delamination, and the plywood shall not have gouging points; The placed cover plate shall be free of leakage, penetration and angle warping

4. Construction acceptance standard of papering project: the papering project can be accepted only after it is completed and dried; During acceptance, check whether the material variety, color and pattern meet the design requirements; Wallpaper and wall cloth must be pasted firmly, with consistent surface color, without bubbles, hollows, cracks, folds and stains, and no glue marks when squinting; The surface is flat, without ripple fluctuation, wallpaper, wall cloth and hanging mirror line, top corner line, face board, skirting board, wall panel batten, curtain hanging box is closely connected, and there shall be no obvious gap at the distance of 1.5m by visual inspection; Each piece of splicing is horizontal and vertical, and the patterns and patterns at the splicing are consistent without leaving the seam and overlapping; The internal and external corners are vertical, with clear edges and corners, the internal corners are overlapped and smooth, and the external corners have no joints; The edges of wallpaper and wall cloth shall be straight and tidy without paper wool and flying thorns; There shall be no missing stickers, subsidies, delaminations, etc

5. Construction acceptance standard of floral decoration project: the floral decoration project can be accepted only after it is completed and dried; Check whether the variety, specification and pattern of flower decoration meet the design requirements when accepting the flower decoration project; The decorations shall be installed firmly, and their quality requirements and allowable deviation shall comply with: the horizontal and vertical allowable deviation of strip decorations, and the total length shall not be greater than 3mm; The allowable deviation of the position of individual decorations shall not be greater than 10mm; The surface of the decorations should be smooth, the patterns should be clear, and the joints should be tight, without cracks, warps, missing edges and corners and other defects; The embossed surface should be smooth, with clear patterns and no cracks

6. Construction quality acceptance standard of plate surface course: the material and pattern meet the requirements of residents, and the product quality meets the national standard technical regulations; The paving shall be firm and not loose, and the ground shall be flat and the height difference shall not be greater than 0.5mm; The paving pattern is clear, without stain and mortar mark; The joint shall be straight and straight, and the deviation shall not be greater than 2mm through the joint inspection; The joint width is not more than 1.0mm; The height difference of joints between blocks shall not be greater than 0.5mm

7. Acceptance standard for wooden floor installation construction: materials should meet household requirements and current product standards; The floor installation (bonding) shall be firm, silent and free of looseness; The surface of the wooden floor should be planed and polished, without gouging marks, shavings, burrs and other phenomena. The pattern (grain) of the varnish coated floor should be clear; The joints of parquet floor should be aligned, the gap width should be consistent, and the surface should be clean without glue overflow; The skirting board is closely connected with the floor; The upper edge of the skirting board shall be straight, and the height difference of the whole length shall not be greater than ± 3mm, close to the wall, seamless

8. Construction quality and construction acceptance standard of plastic board surface course: materials, colors and paving should meet the requirements of residents; The surface shall be flat, smooth, without wrinkles, and shall not be warped and bubbled; The color shall be consistent, the joints shall be tight, and the four sides shall be straight. The degumming place shall not be more than 20mm, and the spacing between them shall not be less than 500mm; The joint with the pipeline shall be tight, firm and flat; The skirting board is closely connected with the plastic board, the upper edge of the skirting board is straight, and the height difference of the whole length is not greater than ± 3mm, close to the wall, seamless

the acceptance requires the participation of the owner, designer, project supervisor and construction director. After passing the acceptance, sign on the quality report for confirmation. Because the construction quality is related to the quality of the construction team; It is also related to the unit price of the construction project, so the best way for the owner to ensure the decoration quality is to sign a contract between the two parties before starting the construction to clarify the decoration requirements and acceptance standards




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