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With the continuous rise of house prices, more and more people choose small apartments, because most modern young people have distinct personalities and like to live alone, and a small apartment of 50 or 60 square meters is very suitable for a person to live in, and it will not appear lonely because the house is too big, with all kinds of internal organs, and the price will not be too expensive

the decoration of small apartments is actually very simple, but you should pay special attention to the choice of furniture, according to your own space. Many people will feel that there may be some limitations in the choice of sofas in houses with small space, and the choice of sofas may not be as sufficient as that of large houses. Now let's introduce the decoration design of small apartments

small apartment decoration design I

I've seen the kitchen, and then we sneak into the bedroom to see that the owner designed the bedroom on the second floor. We can see that the things in the bedroom are also neatly placed and plain in color. The wall is made of broken flower wallpaper with dark coffee as the bottom. Because the lighting effect of the second floor of the duplex building is generally not very good, the owner of the house not only opened a larger window at the side of the bed, but also opened two smaller windows at the head of the bed, making the whole house very bright

small apartment decoration design II

this is the house of a young couple. The apartment covers an area of about 79 square meters and is a small duplex apartment. Although the overall area is a little small, it is still very spacious for two people to live. I won't say much else. Let's see how their cozy little apartment is decorated and laid out. On the first floor, the first thing we saw when we entered the room was the living room. The living room has a small area and simple layout. A gray cloth sofa and a small tea table look simple but tidy

small apartment decoration design III

now we see a red sofa chair. Yes, it is located on the other side of our living room, which is opposite the gray sofa we first saw just now. The chair is close to the window. I have nothing to do on weekends. Sitting here with a cup of green tea in the sun will also feel petty. Next to it is the kitchen door. Will you be curious about where the restaurant is? Don't worry, let's go in and have a look

small apartment decoration design IV

we've seen the wall, and we're looking at others. The color of the quilt is white, which may be for dust prevention or decoration. The hostess covered the quilt with a blanket of the same color as the wall, which looks very matching. The ground is still solid wood floor, which seems to feel good. The owner of the house has always put green plants in the bedroom, both on the windowsill at the head of the bed and on the windowsill beside the bed, which shows how much they love life

small apartment decoration design V

Yes, this is our kitchen. Now do you see our restaurant? The kitchen adopts a semi open design, which is integrated with the restaurant. This can save the overall area of the house, and it is also very convenient to eat and clean up. If friends want to design like this, they must pay attention to the installation of smoking equipment. Although the area of the kitchen is not large, everything is placed neatly, and everything is used

editor's summary: that's all for the decoration design of small apartments. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you want to know more about it, you can pay attention to the information





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