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An idea to save the cost of cartons (Part 2)

the most economical method to reduce the toughness of PLA line materials is to strengthen only the sides, which directly bear the pressure from other cartons above; The second is to simplify the materials of the shaking cover. Under the condition that the moving is decreasing day by day, the model of the friction and wear testing machine of paper Jinan testing machine factory is mainly identified by the different movement modes of the friction pair, and the role of the upper and lower parts of the box is also decreasing. In addition, according to the folding method of the carton, there is a considerable area of overlap between the upper and lower flaps of the carton. These overlaps also enhance the compressive strength of the upper and lower flaps of the carton, thus reducing the requirements for flap materials

based on the above reasons, an idea of saving carton cost is put forward. There are mainly three structural schemes, as shown in Figure 2 (based on the double corrugated carton, the figure shows the side structural profile of the carton)

scheme 1 is a typical cost reducing structure: the side (11) maintains the original double-layer corrugated structure to keep the compressive strength unchanged, and the swing cover (21, 31) uses single-layer corrugated to reduce the cost

scheme 2 is a relatively conservative structure to increase the strength: the rocker cover 33) maintains the original double-layer corrugated structure, and the side (13) uses three-layer corrugated to increase the compressive strength

scheme 3 is a structure that does not increase the cost but can strengthen the compressive strength. Side (13) strengthen the original double-layer corrugated structure to three-layer corrugated to increase the compressive strength; The rocker covers (23, 33) use single-layer corrugated to reduce the cost and balance the increased cost of the side (13)

the above three schemes can be selected according to the different requirements of materials and contents, so as to achieve a perfect match in terms of cost and technical indicators

in addition, while achieving considerable economic benefits, the design has more positive social benefits. If each carton can save the wood of a twig and add up, it can save a forest.

calculation of cost saving

the specific calculation of cost saving of cartons is as follows:

assuming that the length, width and height of cartons are l, W and h respectively, the original cartons were all made of double-layer corrugated cardboard. According to this assumption and improvement scheme, the upper and lower cartons were changed to single-layer corrugated cardboard, The side of the carton is still double-layer corrugated. Many researchers focus on the modification of PLA corrugated board, single-layer corrugated/double-layer corrugated 20.6. The original carton paper consumption II (2l+2w) x (10W) x 2 improved carton paper consumption II (2l+2w) x (I +w x 0.6) x 2 improved paper consumption II (2l+2w) x 0.8 x W saving ratio II w/(HEW) x 40% according to the current average level of the carton industry, the proportion of materials in the final selling price of cartons is 75:6, which can save a lot of costs. See Table 3

this idea has applied for a patent on may27,2005, with the application number of 940.1

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corrugated box special issue of printing technology 2005, 7

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