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China's chemical industry is undergoing a major adjustment

China's chemical industry is undergoing a major adjustment

November 10, 2014

[China coating information] recently, I asked the bosses of several coating enterprises to talk about the impact of logistics costs on them. I was surprised by the potentiometer designed to achieve the purpose of measuring displacement. Did these brothers spend all their body and mind on marketing? When you talk about his customers, when you talk about his dealer management, and when you talk about the corresponding advertising marketing, you can never use the words "eyebrows flying" to describe these bosses' statements too much. When you ask about the impact of logistics or logistics cost on him, most people are at a loss. One of the words I hear most is that we have a logistics supervisor and a logistics manager who are managing. Does this sentence sum up everything? It is conceivable that they do not pay much attention to the impact of logistics, logistics efficiency and logistics costs on their business operations. For some enterprises, their logistics efficiency and logistics cost may directly determine their competitiveness

we divide the logistics into two parts, one is the logistics involved in the purchase of raw materials, and the other is the logistics required by the sales of finished products to serve your customers. We will not talk about the logistics of traders here because it is quite different from the requirements of paint manufacturers. We will talk about the impact of logistics on traders next time

back to the point, I think a paint enterprise cannot operate without logistics. First of all, you need to buy raw materials, which will never automatically enter your warehouse with the click of the mouse as you place an order in the computer. They have to travel a long way from the manufacturer to your warehouse, and many of them have to be transferred by traders, especially those with small varieties or small orders. If you use a small amount of some large varieties, they are "small varieties" to you. For example, methanol is definitely a large variety in the market. The demand of 40million tons a year determines its prominent position in the chemical market. As for the paint production enterprises, it is indeed a typical small variety. It is quite remarkable that a factory of carton compressive strength materials can use 20 tons of methanol every month. These raw materials will travel through mountains and rivers on the way to your enterprise

we divide raw materials into several categories. The first category is dangerous goods, and the second category is certainly non dangerous goods. According to the form of materials, we can see powder, granular, liquid and viscous. You should not arbitrarily think that all powders are non dangerous goods. In fact, many powders are also dangerous goods, such as nitrocellulose. The liquid is not all dangerous goods. For example, the liquid with a boiling point of more than 280 degrees will not be defined as dangerous goods. Why are we talking about these things? Because the different forms of dangerous goods, non dangerous goods and materials directly affect its operation cost, that is, logistics cost. Of course, the packaging form of the object also affects its transportation cost. For the powder, the transportation cost between a 25kg bag and a ton bag is different. As for liquid chemicals, there is a big difference in transportation costs between barrels and IBC tanks and bulk water transportation by tank cars. Of course, the weight of the object will also affect its transportation cost. Because the transportation volume of a vehicle is limited, the approved transportation weight of each vehicle is generally approved with a specific gravity of 1. If your specific gravity is lower than 1, the weight of the same car will become less, and the freight per ton must be increased. I once ordered a 20 foot cabinet of matting powder, but it can only hold 3.6 tons (the specific gravity is too light), while a normal 20 foot cabinet can hold between tons of resin. Therefore, the proportion of logistics cost varies with the proportion

you should not think that the logistics cost of transportation by tank truck is lower than that of barreled transportation. In most cases, the cost of transportation by tank truck may be higher. It's very simple. After your goods are delivered to you in the tank, you must clean the tank before loading other goods. That is, there can't be any return goods to pull, but the barrel loading is different. After the goods are delivered to you, the car can load other goods at any time without any problem. Using return goods or return cars is a very effective way to reduce your comprehensive cost. For example, if you ship a truck from Tianjin to Guangzhou, if you don't use the backhaul carpool, you can't get 1800 yuan a ton of goods. In fact, you may be able to pull the goods from Tianjin to Guangzhou as long as you pay less than 900 yuan. This is the power of the backhaul

let's talk about how procurement affects the cost of logistics. When you place an order, you must consider the minimum delivery volume of the other party's supplier. If you ask the other party to send one or two packages, the logistics cost must not be low. It is an effective way to reduce the cost to deliver the goods together as much as possible. In addition, if we buy the raw materials you need from too many suppliers, the logistics cost will increase because the orders are too scattered. At this time, the cooperation between the technical department and the procurement department becomes very important. The technical department has the responsibility and obligation to control the variety of raw materials used as much as possible, and must find ways to eliminate those duplicate varieties with similar functions. As a purchasing department, the number of traders should be reduced as much as possible. This can be achieved through centralized procurement and outsourcing. The substantial reduction of the number of traders will play an unexpected role in your cost control

in fact, the logistics and internal management of an enterprise will also affect the purchase cost. Take the warehouse as an example. They usually give the type and quantity of goods to be delivered by the supplier the next day according to the production demand. It is very learned here. If you ask the supplier to deliver the goods in the morning, it will lead to a long queue. However, due to the poor anti pollution ability of production, the demand for logistics is sequential, resulting in many suppliers arriving early in the morning sometimes waiting until noon or afternoon to unload. While you affect his efficiency, he will quietly raise the price next time. Therefore, it is very important to arrange the delivery sequence of suppliers reasonably

the sales plan will also affect the logistics cost. This may not have occurred to you. If the production plan receives urgent orders, our purchasing department has to transfer the goods urgently. Then as an enterprise, the logistics cost you pay should be quite embarrassing

let's talk about the impact of employees' hearts on logistics costs. Do you believe that the frequent turnover of employees will lead to the increase of logistics costs? We can see whether a company is competitive or not. We can also see whether the three types of people have been in the company for a certain number of years. The first is the production supervisor, the second is the warehouse supervisor, and the third is the purchase supervisor who is responsible for processing orders. A skilled purchasing supervisor must be very familiar with the production process and the "temper" of the production/warehouse department. Since many enterprises use JIT when purchasing a lot of goods, that is, the supplier makes inventory for you. This part often accounts for 1/3 or even more than half of the enterprise's demand. Therefore, it is very important to arrange the arrival sequence of suppliers. Only responsible and experienced purchasing managers can play this part

let's talk about sales. In fact, when you deliver your products to customers, you will encounter similar problems as I just mentioned. When you put forward the above requirements to your suppliers, I believe that your customers will put forward the same requirements and expectations to you. I won't talk about it here. But there is one thing. It will never be regretful to build your factory near customers, near the market, or near the source of raw materials. A famous paint group actually has as many as 25 paint factories in China. They follow this principle. Only one factory can radiate all over China, and your logistics cost can not be ugly. I am very happy to see that many domestic enterprises have realized the importance of this. For example, the famous zhanchen coating group has as many as 6 factories in the southeast and northwest of China. They have fully realized that it is an incredible thing to transport the finished emulsion paint from Guangdong to Shanghai for sale, because during this period, you actually transported half of it by water for more than 1000 kilometers. Of course, it is more cost-effective to build a factory in Shanghai to directly serve the local market

in a word, logistics is a big field. The overall logistics cost in China has exceeded 11trillion yuan every year. How much of it is wasted? How many are unnecessary repetitions? If you make a detailed account, you will find how much room you can improve. I am very disappointed to see that although many universities in China have set up logistics majors, more than one third of the graduates of Logistics Majors change careers after graduation, which shows that enterprises and society do not attach importance to logistics. And your lack of attention will directly lead to your business spending a lot of money. Today, when sales have entered the bayonet fight and there is a serious overcapacity, you will never regret your attention to the flow of the experimental force, deformation and displacement of the object (you can click the corresponding reset button on the software with the left mouse button)

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