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China's calendering molding machine is not willing to be outdone and breaks through the technical bottleneck

with the increasing requirements for food and drug fatigue testing machines that do not need to use water products, cosmetics packaging bottles and high-end daily necessities, the products produced by extrusion blowing and injection molding can no longer meet the requirements. How to deal with the single plastic forming equipment has also become a difficult problem for enterprises to move to a new height, in which biodegradable plastics are developing rapidly. In order to change the single mode of plastic forming equipment, the only way is to integrate the forming technology and develop new calendering forming machine equipment. Under such a development trend, the fully automatic one-step injection, drawing and blowing hollow forming machine came into being

with the continuous development and progress of society, plastic products have become the necessities of life closely related to us. From mechanical equipment and household appliances to folders and plastic bottles, we can feel the omnipresence of plastic products. It can be said that most industries in modern society are inextricably linked with the plastic industry. As one of the largest plastic products producing and selling new types of FRP ⑴, FRP ⑵ and FRP ⑶ inorganic modified polyurethane high molecular new materials, the demand for plastic bottles is also showing a substantial increase with the development of society. In this regard, domestic plastic bottle forming equipment manufacturers should take the high-speed growth demand of plastic bottles as an opportunity to find out the development pulse of plastic bottles, strive to develop new, efficient and intelligent plastic bottle forming equipment, and strive to shorten the gap with international advanced technology and equipment

at present, the molding of plastic bottles in China is relatively simple. The calendering molding machines with high performance in the market are basically imported from abroad. The relative lag of productivity and technology has affected the rapid development of plastic molding equipment. What the market needs is continuous development and innovation. With the development of society, it is not difficult to find that a single plastic molding can no longer meet the needs of the market. Extrusion molding equipment can not be widely used in the processing of hot solid plastics, otherwise it will cause the size deviation of products; The cost of injection molding equipment and molds is too high, and it is relatively difficult to clean them up. The emergence of these problems shows that the plastic bottle molding equipment market needs to improve the molding speed and output, as well as the development of high-performance molds. The main direction of its research and development is high-speed, high-efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection and quality control

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