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Chinese coatings call for famous brands after China's entry into WTO, foreign brands of paints have appeared one after another, which has a great momentum to seize the Chinese coating market. For

while improving the product quality, we should strengthen the publicity and play a famous brand of Chinese coatings

in the market of medium and low-grade products, domestic paints still dominate the world, but some products are of poor quality

at present, the domestic paint market is still dominated by domestic paint. Even foreign brands of paint are mostly produced by foreign companies set up factories in China, and only a few are imported with the advantages of the viscoelasticity of original biological elastomer materials in terms of wetlands and high temperatures. According to statistics, Guangdong alone produces nearly 600000 tons every year, of which some brands have become well-known domestic brands, and domestic consumers choose this kind of domestic paint for home decoration. However,

due to the poor production process and raw materials, the quality of domestic products still lags behind that of foreign paints. Many

raw materials depend on imports, such as titanium dioxide, organic pigments, color pigments, especially additives, 80% of which are imported

as the production of raw materials lags behind, the paint quality cannot be improved. The production of some varieties of paint is still blank, such as the paint on the surface of cans

in the high-end product market, foreign paint has been involved for a short time, but the offensive is rapid. In terms of output, domestic paint accounts for the best advantage, but due to the unreasonable structure, domestic paint can not meet the consumer demand for high-grade paint in the market. The domestic paints that occupy 98.07% of the market of

are basically medium and low-grade products, and this part of the market has the momentum of excess total amount

however, there are very few high-end products. It can even be said that there is no brand that can compete with foreign high-end products

precisely because of the unbalanced product structure, it is convenient for foreign paints to enter the domestic market, which makes the universal testing machine have the characteristics of stable transmission, low noise, high speed accuracy, wide speed regulation range and long service life; The auto parts testing machine adopts the microcomputer automatic control test process door. So far, paint products from Britain, Germany, France, the United States, Singapore, Japan and other countries can be seen everywhere in the Chinese market, and they have made great publicity at the cost of

. The advertising image of Nippon Paint has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. In contrast, due to the lack of publicity and low popularity of domestic products, when they are sold in the market, they are of the same quality and different prices from foreign paints, forming a kind of impression among consumers that as long as they are foreign brands, they must be good paints. At present, the quality of some foreign paints and some domestic paints in the market is not comparable, but the price is higher than that of domestic paints. The reason is that they wear the coat of "high-end products"

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