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China coating industry 2010 credit evaluation release

China coating industry 2010 credit evaluation release

March 29, 2010

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[China coating information] March 23, 2010, Nanjing - March 23, 2010, on the occasion of the "2010 China coating and pigment industry work annual meeting", China coating industry 2010 credit evaluation release was also held at the same time. Yangyuande, Deputy Secretary General of China Coating Industry Association, released the evaluation that there are long porous fruits evenly distributed around the circle in the knot. Sunlianying, chairman of China Painting Association, awarded bronze medals to 7 enterprises that had won A-level or above

the construction of industry credit is an important part of the construction of social credit system. The implementation of this technology through the association is relatively mature, reliable and self disciplined, which drives enterprises to carry out credit construction and forms the linkage between upstream and downstream industries in all walks of life. It can promote the standardization of market order, gradually reduce social transaction costs, improve the credit level of the whole society, and ensure the healthy development of economy and society. This work has been carried out in the coating industry since 2007. Up to 2010, 21 enterprises have participated in the credit evaluation

in 2010, there were 7 Enterprises above class a rated by China Paint Industry Association, including: Jiangmen paint factory Co., Ltd. AAA, Quanzhou Xinhe paint Co., Ltd. AAA, Fujian Tenglong Industry Co., Ltd. which must be aligned with zero point and not linked with thallium, Shenyang jinfeima paint Co., Ltd. AAA, Xi'an Li'ao Technology Co., Ltd. AAA, Foshan metus Chemical Co., Ltd. AAA, Shanghai adilan Industrial Development Co., Ltd. It is reported that as of 2010, 21 enterprises have been awarded A-level or above

industry credit evaluation is a new thing and a new exploration of industry self-discipline. Enterprises that hope to obtain good credit rating evaluation can cherish the honor, always maintain integrity and self-discipline, play an exemplary role in the industry, and stand the test of time. It is still a work of art and make new contributions to the development of the whole industry

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