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There are also many hidden rules in the decoration of ceramic sanitary ware. Consumers often fall into traps when choosing decoration, and they don't know it. Today, let's learn about the dark scenes with Xiaobian and be a consumer savvy person

The main characteristics of the inside story of the ceramic sanitary ware industry are:

always opaque: mainly because most families only decorate once or twice in their lives, it is impossible to pay too much attention to this industry. I guess many friends who have not decorated now do not know what brands ceramic sanitary ware have

large profit margin: the profit proportion of ceramic sanitary ware industry is very high, mainly because the industry is opaque and consumers do not understand it. In addition, there are many intermediate links in this industry, so there are many intermediate costs, so we have to leave profits for intermediate links

there are many intermediate links: the intermediate links mainly include decoration companies, designers, engineering supervisors and pavers. These four links have become the unspoken rules of the ceramic sanitary ware industry. You can't do without them

decoration companies usually look for decoration companies to do space design when buying a house, so decoration companies have customer resources. Moreover, customers do not understand ceramic sanitary ware, so decoration companies can affect customers' choice of ceramic tile brands, so decoration companies have to take the rebate of ceramic tile sales. Decoration companies that contract labor and materials or are responsible for recommending materials are given a base price by the owner of the ceramic tile shop. They operate by themselves, but such companies are relatively few. Most decoration companies are under extensive management, and most of these decoration companies are designers who get rebates

designers, it is designers who directly communicate with customers. In the eyes of customers, designers are professionals, so designers have the greatest impact on customers. Generally, when consumers buy Tiles, they will listen to the opinions of designers, take designers to the building materials market to buy Tiles, and choose tiles that conform to the style of the design scheme (in fact, no matter what bricks you choose, they are in line with the style, and the style is just bullshit). Therefore, designers play a decisive role in the process of consumers buying ceramic tiles. Although cooperating with them may not be successful, not cooperating with them is bound to be bad. Therefore, if you want to do business, designers must give rebates, and the four links have the most rebates. The rebate of polished bricks is generally 10-40%, that of antique bricks is 20-50%, and that of porcelain chips is 10-20%. (note that it is calculated according to the bill amount, not according to the cost)

project supervision. After the designer makes the decoration design scheme, he has to find someone to construct. The construction process and quality inspection project are controlled by the project supervision. The supervisor says that your bricks are good, and that you are not good, and no matter how good your bricks are. So we must give a rebate to the project supervisor. Even if the project supervisor is the person of the decoration company, after giving the decoration company and design rebate, the points given to the supervisor cannot be less

there are also paving workers, also known as plasterers. They should take the least money in these four links, but they should also take it. Brick is only a semi-finished product. If the paver wants to trick, no matter how good the brick is, it will be paved unevenly. Therefore, generally, a little cigarette money will be given to the plasterer before paving the brick, and after paving, a subsidy of 1-3 yuan per square meter will be given to the plasterer

among them, the focus of rebate is designers. Generally, new products, high-end products and key products have high rebate, which is about 20-40 points according to different places. Low end products or special promotional products are generally 10-15 points

a well-known antique brick brand in Wuhan once gave the designer a rebate of up to 60%, but it fell down after a few months, because the designer was afraid, and the dealer was also afraid

of the 100000 yuan ceramic tiles you bought, 30000-40000 yuan are designer rebates. You may be able to tolerate it, but if you know that 60000 yuan of them are designer rebates, will you take a knife to cut the designer

customers' ignorance of ceramic sanitary ware has led to dealers' dependence on designer channels for sales and layers of rebates in intermediate links, so the price of ceramic sanitary ware remains high. Generally, the price of ceramic sanitary products is the ex factory price multiplied by 3-5 (except for special products), and then give customers a 70% discount

editor's summary: understanding the hidden rules of the ceramic sanitary ware industry helps consumers understand consumption. When choosing decoration, avoid being fooled unknowingly




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