Six winning secrets for winter decoration

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The temperature is low in winter, so we should pay special attention to the family decoration construction. The following are 6 tips to master in winter decoration, hoping to help netizens of decoration

the temperature is low in winter, so the family decoration construction should be paid special attention. The following are 6 tips to master in winter decoration, hoping to help netizens of decoration

carpentry work should properly leave joints

when paving solid wood or composite floors, about 2mm expansion joints should be left at the joints. When making furniture, it is necessary to leave an interface seam of about 0.1mm, so as to avoid thermal expansion and cold contraction in hot weather, resulting in bulging and hanging

materials to prevent deterioration and deformation

decorative panels should be placed flat, with a large core board at the bottom and a large core board pressed on it, which cannot be placed upright, so as to prevent the panel from cracking and warping. Plates, coatings and other decoration materials should not be stacked next to the heating to avoid heating deformation, which makes the construction difficult to carry out normally

the gypsum line should avoid dry cracking and loosening

the gypsum line should be kept 0.5cm away from the top and wall to avoid cracking of the gypsum line. The joints can be filled with gypsum powder and latex. In addition, when making gypsum ceiling, the internal wooden keel must be kept dry and firm, and there must be no looseness, otherwise it is very easy to have cracks in gypsum board ceiling

the paint application temperature is higher than 5 ° C

because the ambient temperature of the paint application should not be lower than 5 ° C, therefore, in winter, the decoration construction should pay attention to close the doors and windows to ensure that the indoor temperature is not lower than 5 ° C at least. On the one hand, this can ensure the indoor temperature, on the other hand, it can also avoid the rough and uneven phenomenon of outdoor sand blowing on the wet furniture and walls. Open the doors and windows for ventilation after the paint is fully dry

the screened fine sand should not contain ice

if there is bricklaying work that requires cement in the decoration, it is best not to work in the open air. The mortar should be stirred as soon as it is used. Do not stir too much at one time to avoid freezing and waste. The putty is even and thick. The indoor air is dry and the water loss is fast. If the putty is scraped too thick, it is easy to cause hollowing, cracking and wall inequality

choose warm time to paint the wall

the best time to paint the wall in winter is between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. The temperature is relatively high during this period, which can prevent the putty from freezing. In addition, due to the low outdoor temperature in winter, the tiles cannot be paved immediately when they are moved into the house from the outside. They should be shelved for at least 24 hours to make the tiles adapt to the indoor temperature before paving




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